We would like to express our most exuberant thanks to our chief donors:

Ronni Krasnow

Dr. and Mrs. Robert Baumgartner

Martin Bryant

Anna Sosenko Trust (Arthur Silver and Jonathan Herzog, Esq.)

Other contributions have allowed us to purchase the following items for our production:

Hauling: Sophie Sutton

Café table: Christopher Hoyle

Katie’s chair: Gerard DiCairano

Marvin’s chair: Jane Caplow

Roller coaster: Will Brumley, Sharla Herbert, Leonard Steinbach

Katie’s dress: Frances O’Brien

Marvin’s costume: Blossom Chu

Photography: Flash Rosenberg

Script/score printing: Alvin Kahn

Marketing e-mails: Jacqueline Davidson

Website hosting: Megan McGuire, Paula Rossman

Transportation for staff : David G. Stern

Wine for opening night: Je rey Erb

Coffee for crew on tech day: Zac Alfson

Water bottles for actors: Ted Allen

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